Become a Virtual Teacher

Ever wanted to earn money flexibly while being your creative self? 

    • Earn money on your schedule from your home.
    • Be creative and design the class you want to teach.
    • We handle all the backend details for you, you just show up and teach!


Click here to apply!

What classes can I teach?
The more creative the better! We welcome classes on all mediums and in all formats.  Feel free to submit your idea and see where it goes!   


What can I earn? What does this cost?
Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost, and how many people sign up. We collects a 20% service fee from all paid enrollments. We will send your payment 7-10 days after your class is scheduled to start. Payment is via Paypal to an email address you specify.  You will need to pay tax on your earnings and report them appropriately.